USB 3.0 Multi Card Reader Super Speed

Salient features: 4slots USB 3.0 card reader 2C plug 26play 2C hot swapping 2C super speed data 2Ffiles access and transfer rate 285Gbps 29 2Cno external power adapter needed 2C support supper SD 2C Micro SD 2FTF 2CMS 2CM2 2Cbuild in Led indicator  2Ccompact design  2Cweig.

Product Description: Designed to cater to all memory card outlets, over 60 types of memory cards readable with speed and transfer rate of 285GPS. Can be utilized with Smartphone’s, laptop cards, tablets, cameras and various other devices specifically designed to cater to people on the move with plug and play capabilities. Swappable so that it can be used without restarting the computer. With a compact and sleek design it can be used to view large amounts of data.


Can be used for transferring large amounts of data quicker than 2.0 capabilities. HD videos, camera support, smart phone support enabled so that data such as pictures, videos etc can be transferred from one place to the other without much hassle. With the rapid advancements in technology Holms has come up with a device which can benefit a lot of professionals who are in the industry of media, photography and viral videos and social media. Over sixty types of different memory cards can be read through the device without much hassle.

Compatible with 2.0 USB through connector so that even 2.0 devices can be interlinked with the super speed card reader. Works well with windows vista/xp/windows 7/8.  With fast and effective delivery solutions welcome to the future of data processing and tabulation and storage utilizes. Can be utilized alongside the television as well, to watch High definition videos without using any sort of players if the television has the option. Almost 10 times faster than previous traditional USB 2.0 capabilities. Can be taken anywhere easy to setup and use, without much trouble providing effective data reading solutions for all ages and for all.

USB 3.0 Multi Card Reader Super Speed