Sea Buckthorn Oil


Sea Buckthorn Oil is extracted from both seeds or the pulp of the fruits of the Sea Buckthorn which is thorny plant which grows in high quantity  in the highlands of the Himalayas-Karakoram-HinduKush region including Pakistan. It is usually 2-4 meters in height with orange or red color berries weighing 0.20-0.35 grams.


This Oil is famous for its extraordinary healing properties, known from ancient times. The above said Oil is widely used in medicine for the treatment and prevention of many diseases.   It is very commonly used in food, medicine and cosmetics.

This oil is very  commonly used due to its  taste and aroma. It can be used as taste enhanced with salads, it can be used by itself or can be mixed with other vegetable oils. The said Oil can be used with any type of food, giving them a unique taste and increase their nutritional value.

Sea Buckthorn Oil packs a high dose of vitamins: E, F, A, K, D, and biologically active substances.

In the northern countries of Asia this Oil is commonly used to treat skin burns and Currently, cosmetic companies are using sea-buckthorn oil for anti-aging. The Sea Buckthorn Oil was also used in the diet of Russian cosmonauts and also as a cream for protection from cosmic radiation. This Oil based sports drinks “Shawikang” and “Jianibao” were the official drinks for Chinese athletes taking part in the Seoul Olympic Games.

There are two types of Oil – one is the Sea Buckthorn Seed oil and the other is the Sea Buckthorn Berry oil and each is supposed to have its own advantages.

The Berry oil has a rich amber color and can stain our skin albeit temporarily and hence, can only be used in the night. Because of its high antioxidant values, Berry Seed Oil makes for great skin conditioning and repairing. Healing burns and other inflammatory skin conditions. The said Oil has also shown successful improvement in skin pigmentation conditions, freckles and prematurely aging skin. In fact, the Sea Buckthorn berry is second only to Rose Hip and Acerola in vitamin C content.

Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil has a rich staining color & a distinct smell
Besides the color, the oil has a distinct smell which isn’t very appealing.  So as a whole, it isn’t a pleasant oil to begin with.  The oil  has helped to reduce some of the fine lines around the eyes, it is quickly absorbed into the skin and doesn’t leave Characteristics

Due to its unique botanical and nutritional properties, and there has been no reported evidence of Sea Buckthorn Oil causing harmful reactions or negative side effects, the oil is also used as a natural agent that may benefit many diseases as well as dermatological diseases and skin conditions or greasy marks.



4 Ports USB 3.0 HUB Super Speed

The USB 3.0 Hub easily adds up to 4 USB 3.0 ports to the  Computer or Lap Top or Tablet and connects super speed peripherals like USB 3.0, digital video cameras, external hard drives, high-resolution webcams and save time with faster transfer rates of up to 5 Gbps. The lightening fast 5 Gbps transfer rate is up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0 (480 Mbps). The hub is backward compatible so while it is capable of super speed transfers, it also supports USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 speeds. It automatically detects the USB type and transfer data at the maximum rate for each individual port.

The said USB allows you to transfer data at very high speeds of up to 5 Gbps–up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0*. You can make a backup copy of your photos, music, and HD movies to a USB  external storage device faster than ever Each port delivers up to 900 MA of power with the included power adapter for faster charging and power hungry USB devices.

It can convert one of your computer’s USB ports into an external hub that supports up to four additional USB devices at up to 10x faster speeds than USB 2.0. It allows you to connect USB devices such as digital cameras, phones, external hard drives, flash drives, and printers without requiring any software or complicated installation process. Its sleek compact design saves your precious desktop space while also extremely portable and easy to move between systems or take on the road.

Connect All Your Peripherals

Backward compatibility with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 means that you can connect any USB device to your computer. Each port automatically detects the USB type and transfer data at a maximum rate for each individual port. In case we need more ports, we can easily connect additional USB hubs to support up to 127 devices.

A key change is the elimination of polling. In USB 2.0, the host continuously polls all connected peripheral devices to see if they have the data they need to send to the host controller. This means that all devices must be “on” at all times. With Super Speed USB, this polling is replaced by asynchronous notification. The host waits until a higher level application (such as a file manager) tells it that there is a peripheral that has the data it needs to send to the host. The host then contacts that specific peripheral telling it that the host is ready to accept that data and asks if it is ready to send the data. When both ends of the link are ready, the data

Is transferred.
In addition to eliminating polling, Super Speed USB eliminated the broadcast nature of the USB 2.0 bus protocol. Super Speed USB uses directed data transfer from/to the host and only the target function (and obviously any hubs in the path). This again enables power savings by only requiring the device for which the data are intended to turn on its transceiver. The other peripherals on the bus do not need to burn power determining that the data request is not directed towards them.

Another key change was to focus on improving the power efficiency of the bus. This is ideal for extending the battery life for portable devices, whether hosts (notebook PCs) or peripherals. The specification defines excellent power characteristics, especially for idle links. Both upstream and downstream ports can initiate lower power states of the link. There is also local power management control using multiple link power states defined to further improve the power use efficiency. As mentioned above, eliminating polling and broadcasting also has reduced the overall power requirements. If you consider a simple file transfer, this focus on bus efficiencies combined with the over 10X speed increase more than makes up for the actual higher power that the transmitter uses (?). The result is that the Super Speed USB will only use one-third the amount of power that USB 2.0 high-speed requires to transmit the same amount of data.

4 Ports USB 3.0 HUB Super Speed

Sell LED Lenses

Light Emitting Diodes or  LED´s, are among the most widely used of all the different types of semiconductor diodes available today. They are the most visible type of diode, that emit a fairly narrow bandwidth of either visible light at different coloured wavelengths, invisible infra-red light for remote controls or laser type light when a forward current is passed through them. A Light Emitting Diode or LED as it is more commonly called, is basically just a specialised type of PN junction diode, made from a very thin layer of fairly heavily doped semiconductor material.

Surprisingly, an LED junction does not actually emit that much light so the epoxy resin body is constructed in such a way that the photons of light emitted by the junction are reflected away from the surrounding substrate base to which the diode is attached and are focused upwards through the domed top of the LED, which itself acts like a lens concentrating the amount of light. This is why the emitted light appears to be brightest at the top of the LED.

However, not all LEDs are made with a hemispherical shaped dome for their epoxy shell. Some indication LEDs have a rectangular or cylindrical shaped construction that has a flat surface on top or their body is shaped into a bar or arrow. Also, nearly all LEDs have their cathode, ( K ) terminal identified by either a notch or flat spot on the body, or by one of the leads being shorter than the other, ( the Anode, A ).

When the diode is forward biased, electrons from the semiconductors conduction band recombine with holes from the valence band releasing sufficient energy to produce photons which emit a monochromatic (single colour) of light. Because of this thin layer a reasonable number of these photons can leave the junction and radiate away producing a coloured light output. Then we can say that when operated in a forward biased direction Light Emitting Diodes are semiconductor devices that convert electrical energy into light energy.

The construction of a light emitting diode is very different from that of a normal signal diode. The PN junction of an LED is surrounded by a transparent, hard plastic epoxy resign hemispherical shaped shell or body which protects the LED from both vibration and shock.

Unlike normal incandescent lamps and bulbs which generate large amounts of heat when illuminated, the light emitting diode produces a “cold” generation of light which leads to high efficiencies than the normal “light bulb” because most of the generated energy radiates away within the visible spectrum. Because LEDs are solid-state devices, they can be extremely small and durable and provide much longer lamp life than normal light sources.

Sell LED Lenses

Seamless underwears For Men

Seamless underwear is a particular type of undergarment that has been manufactured without visible seams. Many people choose these underwear because it lies very flat against the skin, making it a comfortable option that is concealed under clothing. A large variety of underwear styles, offering anywhere from very little coverage to full coverage, are available in the market.


This type of underwear was created to solve a problem with regular underwear: visible panty line. For those tight dresses with clingy fabrics, regular undies just won’t do. They’ll print obvious lines on those skintight clothes and distract people from the fabulous body you’re trying to show off. What you want is a smooth silhouette. Women used to resort to thongs and G-strings, but not every woman can put up with having underwear fabric stuck between her other pair of cheeks. For these women, Seamless offers both smooth fit and comfort.

The right pair of underwear can make the difference between a good flight and a bad flight, or can give you the extra confidence to ask for that promotion you’ve been working towards, or to approach the woman of your dreams.


If you don’t need any help tucking in any extra flesh, this type of underwear alone will work perfectly under even the tightest of outfits. If you are like most women, however, seamless control shape-wear can help you look even better. While conventional shape-wear may be effective at hiding bulges, these shape-wear can do it without creating unattractive lines where the tight shape-wear ends and your flesh starts.

Average underwear styles often feature seams sewn around the waistband and the leg openings. These seams, particularly the ones surrounding the leg openings, can be troublesome because they are visible underneath clothing that is tightly fitted or made of thin or delicate fabrics. The resulting raised bump, generally referred to as a “panty line,” is considered unflattering and can negatively impact the overall effect of an outfit. Some people may not be concerned with visible lines but still depend on these underwear to avoid discomfort caused by seams that are too thick or too tightly fitted.


Seamless underwear is not limited to bras, briefs, thongs and G-strings today. Some brands produce sleeveless camisoles, long-sleeve camisoles and turtleneck camisoles that can be worn on their own or layered underneath other items of clothing. There are even seamless panties with multilayer panels that act as panty liners.

Removing the seams is accomplished by using technology to replace traditional elastic or thread-sewn underwear joints. Many companies use lasers to cut the fabric pieces, neat edges that lie flat against the skin. The pieces are cut to encompass as much of the style as possible so that as few edges as possible need to be joined together. Even so, seams are usually still necessary at each side of the waist above the leg openings in order to join the front and back pieces of fabric. Instead of sewing these joints, manufacturers can use heat to seal the fabric pieces together, leaving no bump.

For the most part, this type of underwear is made from soft, stretchy fabrics such as jersey, modal, microfiber, or spandex blends. Soft fabrics are more comfortable and lie more smoothly against the skin than rougher, stiffer materials. The stretch is important because it allows the underwear to be pulled taught, but not very tightly, across the skin and form easily around each individual’s unique curves. Fabric that is not stretchy enough is likely to bunch up and be visible underneath clothing.

Seamless underwear is widely available from a variety of different brands and in a multitude of different styles for both men and women. Full coverage cuts such as boy shorts and bikinis for women or boxer-briefs for men are an option, as are styles with less coverage such as thongs for women and briefs for men. Since Seamless is largely concerned with a comfortable and flattering appearance, choosing the best fit can be based on personal preference with the knowledge that all different styles will be neat and invisible under clothing.

Seamless underwear is not necessarily seamless. It only creates the illusion of being seamless and does not impress lines on clingy fabrics. These underwear can be made of any material, but manufacturers are competing to use more lightweight fabrics such as microfiber to achieve a smoother figure.
Seamless Underwears For Men

USB 3.0 Multi Card Reader Super Speed

Salient features: 4slots USB 3.0 card reader 2C plug 26play 2C hot swapping 2C super speed data 2Ffiles access and transfer rate 285Gbps 29 2Cno external power adapter needed 2C support supper SD 2C Micro SD 2FTF 2CMS 2CM2 2Cbuild in Led indicator  2Ccompact design  2Cweig.

Product Description: Designed to cater to all memory card outlets, over 60 types of memory cards readable with speed and transfer rate of 285GPS. Can be utilized with Smartphone’s, laptop cards, tablets, cameras and various other devices specifically designed to cater to people on the move with plug and play capabilities. Swappable so that it can be used without restarting the computer. With a compact and sleek design it can be used to view large amounts of data.


Can be used for transferring large amounts of data quicker than 2.0 capabilities. HD videos, camera support, smart phone support enabled so that data such as pictures, videos etc can be transferred from one place to the other without much hassle. With the rapid advancements in technology Holms has come up with a device which can benefit a lot of professionals who are in the industry of media, photography and viral videos and social media. Over sixty types of different memory cards can be read through the device without much hassle.

Compatible with 2.0 USB through connector so that even 2.0 devices can be interlinked with the super speed card reader. Works well with windows vista/xp/windows 7/8.  With fast and effective delivery solutions welcome to the future of data processing and tabulation and storage utilizes. Can be utilized alongside the television as well, to watch High definition videos without using any sort of players if the television has the option. Almost 10 times faster than previous traditional USB 2.0 capabilities. Can be taken anywhere easy to setup and use, without much trouble providing effective data reading solutions for all ages and for all.

USB 3.0 Multi Card Reader Super Speed