Sea Buckthorn Oil


Sea Buckthorn Oil is extracted from both seeds or the pulp of the fruits of the Sea Buckthorn which is thorny plant which grows in high quantity  in the highlands of the Himalayas-Karakoram-HinduKush region including Pakistan. It is usually 2-4 meters in height with orange or red color berries weighing 0.20-0.35 grams.


This Oil is famous for its extraordinary healing properties, known from ancient times. The above said Oil is widely used in medicine for the treatment and prevention of many diseases.   It is very commonly used in food, medicine and cosmetics.

This oil is very  commonly used due to its  taste and aroma. It can be used as taste enhanced with salads, it can be used by itself or can be mixed with other vegetable oils. The said Oil can be used with any type of food, giving them a unique taste and increase their nutritional value.

Sea Buckthorn Oil packs a high dose of vitamins: E, F, A, K, D, and biologically active substances.

In the northern countries of Asia this Oil is commonly used to treat skin burns and Currently, cosmetic companies are using sea-buckthorn oil for anti-aging. The Sea Buckthorn Oil was also used in the diet of Russian cosmonauts and also as a cream for protection from cosmic radiation. This Oil based sports drinks “Shawikang” and “Jianibao” were the official drinks for Chinese athletes taking part in the Seoul Olympic Games.

There are two types of Oil – one is the Sea Buckthorn Seed oil and the other is the Sea Buckthorn Berry oil and each is supposed to have its own advantages.

The Berry oil has a rich amber color and can stain our skin albeit temporarily and hence, can only be used in the night. Because of its high antioxidant values, Berry Seed Oil makes for great skin conditioning and repairing. Healing burns and other inflammatory skin conditions. The said Oil has also shown successful improvement in skin pigmentation conditions, freckles and prematurely aging skin. In fact, the Sea Buckthorn berry is second only to Rose Hip and Acerola in vitamin C content.

Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil has a rich staining color & a distinct smell
Besides the color, the oil has a distinct smell which isn’t very appealing.  So as a whole, it isn’t a pleasant oil to begin with.  The oil  has helped to reduce some of the fine lines around the eyes, it is quickly absorbed into the skin and doesn’t leave Characteristics

Due to its unique botanical and nutritional properties, and there has been no reported evidence of Sea Buckthorn Oil causing harmful reactions or negative side effects, the oil is also used as a natural agent that may benefit many diseases as well as dermatological diseases and skin conditions or greasy marks.



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